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"Tim Logan is an outstanding educator and an exceptional leader. He has a clear sense of an educational vision but also the capacity and skills to realize this vision."

David Burton - Principal, Independent Schools Victoria | IBEN MYP workshop leader

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Strategic School Development 

I support school boards and leadership teams in:

  • Understanding their own development needs

  • Setting purpose and vision

  • Planning for agile school development

  • Preparing for inspection and accreditation

  • Developing transparent and systematic policies,  procedures and quality assurance mechanisms

  • Safeguarding and child protection development

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Practical Professional Learning

I train and coach teachers and leaders in:

  • Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment strategies

  • Project-based curriculum design and mapping

  • Blended and distance learning approaches

  • Agile teaching methodologies - eduScrum®

  • Research-engaged teacher training and networking

  • Design thinking for complex problem solving

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Innovating & Connecting

I connect entrepreneurs and educators at the forefront of educational innovation

  • Seeking investment for educational startups

  • Agile transformations at the classroom and organisational level

  • Thought-leadership and quality educational conversations to drive ideas forward

  • Connecting and supporting research-engaged schools in research networks 

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