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“We see conversation as our best sense-making tool.”

(NEASC/CIE, ACE Learning Visitors Guide)

CIS accreditation "inspires conversations within your school community on its purpose and direction."

                                              (Chris Durbin, Associate Director of School Support & Evaluation, CIS)

Inspection and accreditation has always been a challenging experience for schools! ... But never before has it been such a positive opportunity for innovation and reflection on future directions for your school. 

I have expertise in the following inspection and accreditation protocols:

  • NEASC ACE Learning

  • NEASC 8th Edition and Standard accreditation

  • CIS 9th Edition

  • IB authorization and evaluation

  • Ofsted EIF 2019

  • National Inspection Framework, UAE

I offer a range of levels of tailored support for school leaders and faculty through the accreditation process: 

  • Advice on strategic development pathways for your school

  • Accreditation and inspection timeline/process planning 

  • Team workshops faculty, leadership, accreditation committees

  • Accreditation Chair or School Improvement Team mentoring

  • Internal Reflection/Self-study/Self-Evaluation support

  • Documentation check

  • Simulation visits

  • Strategic development support and training on identified areas of weakness

Thankfully, in our new normal, accreditation and inspection practice is shifting away from being a rigid standards-enforcement exercise to being a vehicle for future design and school development. This is a fantastic prospect for schools that I would love to talk to you about and support you with!

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