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"After 30 years of doing such work, I have concluded that classroom teaching…is perhaps the most complex, most challenging, and most demanding, subtle, nuanced, and frightening activity that our species has ever invented…"


(Lee Shulman, The Wisdom of Practice)


There are no simple solutions for such a complex task. This is even more true in the current moment of increasing global complexity. I offer a range of professional learning options that cut through this complexity by supporting teachers and school leaders to engage with and engage in educational research.


“Everything works somewhere and nothing works everywhere.” (Dylan Wiliam)


Our challenge as teacher-researchers is to continuously reflect on what works for us in our particular school to bring about the impacts that we are looking to achieve.

  • Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment strategies

    • This is the shift that millions of teachers around the world are grappling with right now! How do I design learning experiences that engage, activate and challenge my students, whilst also ensuring that they leave my classes with the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they need?

  • Project-based curriculum design and unit planning

    • One great way to connect learning to the complex problems of real-life is through ​project-based learning. But how do I do it and meet my curriculum requirements? I work with teachers to really understand this process and become fantastic project designers and then coaches.

  • Blended and distance learning approaches

    • How can we use edtech tools as scaffold and catalyst for deeper learning and human connection, rather than let it become a time-consuming or expensive distraction? I can help you tailor the right tools to your needs.

teacher training
Teacher training
  • Agile teaching methodologies - eduScrum®

    • Agility is the must-have skill and mindset of ​the 21st century. COVID19 has taught us like nothing before. But why don't we teach it in school? Willy Wijnands has been developing agile students for 10years in the Netherlands. I am a certified eduScrum® trainer and can train your team to get incredible results from their students using agile and Scrum approaches in no time! 

  • Research-engaged teacher training and networking

    • Professional learning is not an added extra, it is being a teacher a critical and reflective practitioner completely committed to learning. If it is going to be worth the investment, it must have lasting impact on practice in the classroom. With this in mind, I use coaching partnershipsinstructional rounds, action research programmes and other strategies to bridge the 'implementation gap.'

  • Design thinking for complex problem solving

    • Another essential skill for our young people, and us as professionals, is the ability to think through and co-create brilliant solutions to wicked problems.​ Design thinking protocols give us a great routines and structures to help us train it as a habit. I would love to show you or your students how.

Contact me to chat more about how I can tailor any of these practical offers to your context and your teams.

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