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"Tim Logan is an outstanding educator and an exceptional leader. He has a clear sense of an educational vision but also the capacity and skills to realize this vision."

                      David Burton - Principal, Independent Schools Victoria | IBEN MYP workshop leader

More and more people are questioning the education & training options available for their young people & employees.

In conversation with the sector's top thought-leaders and entrepreneurs, we explore ways to intentionally redesign the experience of learning in school, work and life, so that we can enable people to grow, to innovate and to thrive.

Will you join the movement to help drive positive change​?

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Strategic School Development 

I support school boards and leadership teams in:

  • Understanding their own development needs

  • Setting purpose and vision

  • Planning for agile school development

  • Preparing for inspection and accreditation

  • Developing transparent and systematic policies,  procedures and quality assurance mechanisms

  • Safeguarding and child protection development

See here for more details

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Practical Professional Learning

I train and coach teachers and leaders in:

  • Student-centred learning, teaching and assessment strategies

  • Project-based curriculum design and mapping

  • Blended and distance learning approaches

  • Agile teaching methodologies - eduScrum®

  • Research-engaged teacher training and networking

  • Design thinking for complex problem solving

See here for more details

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Innovating & Connecting

I connect entrepreneurs and educators at the forefront of educational innovation

  • Seeking investment for educational startups

  • Agile transformations at the classroom and organisational level

  • Thought-leadership and quality educational conversations to drive ideas forward

  • Connecting and supporting research-engaged schools in research networks 

See here for more details

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